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Medical Tattoos in the Twin Cities

Custom Medical Tattoos

  • Safe, minimally invasive procedure
  • Custom pigmentation matches all skin tones
  • Certified provider in medical tattoo industry
  • Free consultation virtually or in-person

If you’ve gone through a traumatic surgery or life event that left you with scars you don’t care to see, you may be interested in a medical tattoo. Medical tattoos are a minimally invasive procedure that can camouflage scars or other marks on your body. Using custom pigmentation, an experienced technician can match your exact skin tone and create a beautiful illusion.

Medical Tattoo & Cosmetic Centers of America is the only business that offers these services in Minnesota, and nationwide, we are one of the few medical tattoo centers that offer custom pigmentation. Our founder understands what it’s like to go through a trauma and how drastically medical tattoos can change your life. We offer a variety of innovative services to help men and women feel their best, from hair loss solutions and medical tattoos to skin care treatments. Schedule a free consultation today!

Medical Tattoo Services in the Twin Cities

After leaving a dermatology career, our founder attended several tattoo classes, seminars, and conferences all over the world to pursue craft perfection and become a master of illusion in the medical tattoo industry. Medical tattoo services available at our clinic include:

Scar Camouflage

Scars come in all shapes and sizes from all sorts of experiences. Whether you’ve been in a car accident and had surgery, recovered from an illness that required surgery, or attained a scar in another way, we can help you camouflage it with our medical tattooing techniques. Medical tattoos are considered a permanent solution to scars and will only need touched-up occasionally. To learn more about scar camouflage, contact us today.

Mastectomy Tattoos

Having to go through treatment for cancer is enough of a trauma in itself, but having a mastectomy that permanently changes and scars your body forever can induce more emotional trauma. If you have gone through this procedure and want to control how your scars look, you can get a medical tattoo to blend in the scarring. We will match the pigments to your skin tone for a natural appearance.

Stretch Mark Camouflage

Stretch marks can happen for all sorts of reasons, and while they are very common, they can impact your self image. If you want to cover your stretch marks, consider a skin camouflage tattoo. We can match the pigment of the ink to your skin to blend your stretch marks with the surrounding skin.

Let’s Talk More During Your Free Consultation

What brings you here? Before every procedure, we take the time to sit down with you and understand your “why.” We understand the pain you may feel from losing your hair or going through an invasive surgery to save your life. Scars don’t make you any less beautiful, but they can be triggering for many people. We provide solutions that can help you feel more like yourself. Click here to schedule a freee consultation, give us a call at 612-770-0000, or fill out the form on our contact page to get started.


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