4 Reasons to Choose MTCOA for Piercings in the Twin Cities


4 Reasons to Choose MTCOA for Piercings in the Twin Cities

4 Reasons to Choose MTCOA for Piercings in the Twin Cities

When you want to get a piercing, it’s imperative that you select a piercing clinic that makes your safety and comfort their top priority. If you live in the Twin Cities area, MTCOA is the piercing clinic you’re looking for.

At Medical Tattoo Centers of America, we specialize in medical-grade ear piercing, face piercing, body piercing, and earlobe repair, and our piercing artists are fully licensed and certified advanced body piercers. Why should you choose us when you’re on the hunt for a quality piercing artist? Keep reading to find out!

1. Why Choose a Medical Piercing Artist Over Shopping Mall Piercers?

While plenty of people go somewhere like a mall kiosk or Claire’s to get ear piercing, taking that route probably isn’t in your best interest. Why not?

Because you won’t be working with advanced body piercers who have a deep understanding of proper aseptic technique, which means things can go wrong. Of course, any piercing is a risk, but you can minimize that risk significantly by choosing a professional clinic that provides medical-grade piercing services.

Places like Claire’s also use piercing guns, which is a serious problem. These guns can be highly unsanitary and apply aggressive force to the area being pierced, causing blunt-force trauma to the tissues. These issues can cause problems with the healing process, such as excessive discomfort, infections, and prolonged inflammation.

When you choose Medical Tattoo Centers of America over somewhere like Claire’s, you’re choosing medically licensed, professional piercers who are extensively trained in modern, aseptic piercing. You’re piercing will be sterile, properly positioned, and properly administered to ensure it not only looks exactly the way you envisioned it but heals properly too.

2. We Offer Pain Management Options

At MTCOA, we want you to be as comfortable as possible no matter what kind of piercing you’re visiting us for. That’s why we offer ProNox nitrous oxide as an add-on to any of our in-office procedures. ProNox allows you to self-administer nitrous oxide both before and during the procedure, which helps alleviate any anxiety and/or discomfort you may experience.

What exactly is nitrous oxide and how does it work? You can learn all about ProNox here.

3. We Take Your Privacy Seriously

When you book a piercing appointment with MTCOA, you’ll be the only patient in our clinic at the time of your scheduled appointment. You’ll have our full, undivided attention because we want you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

If the idea of getting a piercing in a crowded, open mall or a dingy piercing parlor makes you feel uneasy, we completely understand. That’s why we do things differently.

4. We Offer Free Consultations

Want to get a piercing but you’re not quite sure what you’d like to do? Are you looking to get your child’s ears pierced? No matter what type of piercing you’re planning, we offer free, in-office consultations for your peace of mind and ours. We’re a medical office, so consultations come standard with all of the procedures we provide.

During your consultation, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your goals, explain how the medical piercing process works, and make sure you’re fully prepared for the procedure. Should you decide you’re not quite ready to move forward, that’s fine — that’s exactly what the consultation is for.

Schedule a Free Consultation at the Twin Cities Most Trusted Medical Piercing Clinic

Are you ready to chat about piercings? Get in touch with our team at Medical Tattoo Centers of America to set up a consultation! Feel free to give us a call today at 612-770-0000 or request a consultation online, and we’ll be in touch to get you scheduled.

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